How does our Service Work ?

Benefits of using our service

To benefit from all EZSHOPTT.COM has to offer, you must first sign-up on our website. After you've registered, you'll immediately receive your own personal suite number for use when shopping online, via catalog or telephone at your favorite U.S. stores, or when receiving documents. All packages and documents that arrive at your EZSHOP address in Miami will then be delivered directly to your home or office 7 Days a Week !

In order to receive all your packages quickly and safely at your SkyBOX address in Miami, we suggest that you always use a reliable delivery service such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, Airborne Express, etc. and USPS (US Postal Service) all which utilize online tracking mechanisms and require Proof of Delivery (P.O.D.). When a package or document arrives for you in Miami, EZSHOP will proceed to dispatch, clear customs and deliver the package or document directly to your home or office. Once your package arrives in your country, you will be billed the corresponding customs-related charges

Tracking your parcel

This area will allow you to track your parcel based on your carrier. Clicking on any of the below will carry you to the respective shipping body.

Receiving your Parcel

As soon as a package arrives in Trinidad and Tobago, you will receive a text message and email indicating that your package is here for collection.

Interested in Shopping without a Credit Card ?

This is very possible thanks to our proprietary service, Lopal. This service allows our customers to go to Republic Bank, deposit their funds into an account and we do the rest. We take your wishlist and ship it and all for you. Interested ? More info can be found on Lopal's Website. Click here to go to the website.


EZSHOPTT.COM ® is the fastest & most flexible skybox company Imagine we deliver 7 days a Week ! ! Unbelievable !
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