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  • Why use EZSHOPTT.COM ? If you are someone who is wary of shopping online given the increasing number of financial frauds on the Internet, there are other alternatives you can use

  • Delivery 7 Days a Week Hey we can deliver every day of the week, Monday to Sunday between the hours of 8am-4pm.

  • Repacking Ezshoptt will Repackage customers goods if requested as shown in Our Rates. We will not repackage any cargo/box/package containing fragile or electronic item(s). Cargo specially packaged will not be repacked. We are not required to repackage any item/box, especially if the repackage option is not selected on the customers' account and/or if WE feel that the item may be compromised in any way. Packages purchased through EZShopTT will not be repackaged automatically.

  • Create Better Savings Just because we care about you, you the customer everytime you shop gets an opportunity to become eligible for offers and coupons